Will A Low Fat Diet Fight Obesity?

low fat diet

Low Fat Diet Benefits

A low fat diet plan will lengthen your life. This articles is based on a very simple idea—food cooked without added fat, butter, oil, cream and starch. It is a new approach to cooking and one that has long been overdue.

Attitudes to food are constantly changing and more and more people are becoming aware that our Western diet is neither eat healthy nor well balanced. We eat too much starch, cook with too much fat and ruin the flavor of our food with heavy sauces. What is needed is a radical re-think, a change, an innovation. The answer—cooking without added fat.

There is no mystique attached to this way of cooking. It is easy simple to follow, yet the difference in taste is remarkable. Food is lighter, cleaner and easier to digest. The full flavor of the ingredients is developed and after a while you will wonder how you could ever have cooked differently.

The difference is simply a matter of technique based off of the idea of using low fat diet recipes. Stock is used instead of oil or butter to brown or braise food, low-fat cheeses or stabilized yogurt are added to sauces to give them a lighter, creamier taste, cultured buttermilk is whipped into soups to give a smooth, velvety texture. Vegetables are pureed to make light, airy sauces. Meat is trimmed before cooking and no fat is added as none is necessary. Fruit is sweetened with honey or cinnamon and stewed with herbs to remove the tartness.

Although it was not a prime concern, the recipes do tend to have a low fat diet content. The content, however, is written for slimmers and healthier diet, but rather to help and encourage you to discover a balanced yet tasty way of eating.

Nutrition plays an extremely important role in a number of disease states common in our society. There is progressively more information available about the link between eating and disease, and you should know much of this information as you attempt to keep yourself healthy and happy. The information on nutrition and disease that follows is not intended to give a complete description of these disease or their treatment, but only to provide a few interesting and pertinent points. This information is not intended to take the place of medical advice. Any change in your diet or exercise patterns should be first cleared with your own physician, since you Physician knows your individual history and needs.


Low Fat diet Weight Loss Vs. Obesity

low fat diet

For hundreds of years, excessive body fat was thought to be simply the result of excessive food intake; the extra calories, it was believed, were stop Overweight people were thought to be simply formerly thin people who had eaten too much, and who could be returned to their former thin state merely by cutting back their calories and thus burning off their extra fat stores to supply their energy needs. In recent years, it has become apparent that this concept is totally erroneous. Many studies have clearly demonstrated that the average overnight person eats no more than, and in many cases considerably less than, the average thin person. Body weight is now known to be closely regulated by control centers within the brain, which direct a number of metabolic processes to keep the weight at the “set point” level. Many thin people consistently eat more than they need and the control centers merely trigger energy-wasting systems which burn off the extra calories rather than storing them as fat.

Those who try to lose weight by reducing their caloric intake trigger various energy-conservation mechanisms which eventually slow down the metabolism and protect the fat stores. Although some weight can be lost at first, soon even rigid dieting causes little or no weight loss. Fat storage enzymes are stimulated by restrictive eating, and as soon as anywhere near normal eating resumes, the fat is gained back many times faster than it would have been before dieting began. In response to the perceived starvation, the set point goes up and the body typically gains more fat than ever in an apparent attempt to better protect against the next episode of starvation.

Reduced-calorie dieting not only doesn’t work, but actually may make you fatter than ever. In addition, dieting and the starvation defenses it triggers is associated with excessive hunger (especially for high-fat and high-sugar foods), preoccupation with food, fatigue, weakness, coldness, irritability, anxiety, depression, and a wide range of other problems.

There are significant metabolic differences between obese people and thin people. Although some of these may be genetic, a number of them are acquired, especially through repeated calorie-reduced dieting and malnourished from unhealthy eating. One of these major problems is that most overweight people are insulin-resistant and have higher levels of blood insulin than do thin people. When your cells are resistant to the effects of insulin, it takes more insulin to get the sugar into the cells. These higher levels of insulin directly cause more fat to be produced and stored in your fat cells. If this insulin problem gets worse, diabetes eventually develops.best way to lose belly fat

Obese people may also have impairment in the cell membrane transport systems which regulate the potassium and sodium balance within the cells. A defect in the enzymes regulating cell transport of minerals, and also insulin resistance, may be secondary to a deficiency or imbalance in a number of minerals and, possibly, vitamins. For example, lack of potassium, calcium, magnesium, chromium, manganese, and zinc have all been shown to contribute to insulin resistance.

Although most of these minerals are present in adequate amounts in a balanced diet of unrefined foods, the average American diet is likely to be deficient in a number of these essential nutrients. Overweight people who frequently limit their caloric intake may develop progressively greater nutrient deficiencies. If their episodes of restrictive eating are alternated with periods of eating out of control (especially high-fat and high-sugar foods), then both the nutritional deficiencies and the obesity itself are made worse.

Now that we understand a great deal more about obesity and its causes, we can treat it much more effectively. How people can lose weight naturally and comfortably by doing the right things to lower the level at which their brains “choose” to regulate fat stores.

Some of the more important low fat diet benefit principles for this revolutionary new approach to lose weight are:

low fat diet

  • Eat enough food on a regular basis to completely satisfy your hunger. This is an important step in shutting off various starvation defenses and in creating a healthy brain chemical balance to promote a sense of contentment, happiness, relaxation and well being.
  • Reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar. This also includes avoiding any highly sweetened foods, including, of course, artificial sweeteners. For those who are addicted to sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, or chocolate, breaking the addictive cycle is also very important.
  • People with addictions should avoid their “go to” food cravings completely for many months, and then should use them only occasionally after that. Keep in mind that even the occasional use can trigger a strong drive for these items and can keep the addiction cycle going. It is also easy .o gradually increase the use of these foods until the old addictive pattern is right back again.
  • Reduce the consumption of fat in your diet. Most overweight people need to keep their fat intake down to between 10 and 20 percent of their total caloric intake.
  • Exercise at a moderate level on a regular basis.

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