Ready To Lose Belly Fat?

lose belly fat

Diet plays a vital role in shaping our tackling that belly fat, be it a maintaining sleek abs or maintaining the right physique. Following a well planned dieting structure accelerates the result of losing belly fat by a good margin. The tips which we are going to share with you can be practiced as a standalone practice or can be integrated with your fitness schedule. Over and above these tips should be a part of your general diet plan to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. Let’s hit discuss the belly fat reduction tips by reading the section now.


Tips To Lose Belly Fat

lose belly fat

1.Eat several small meals
We call these meals as break meals. Remember eating in small regular intervals leads to better absorption of the food and does not cause dizziness as opposed to eating heavy mealy 3 times a day. Prepare a schedule where you have food intake in small amount multiple times a day. This way you are not only putting lesser load on your stomach but also making sure the food is well absorbed without any symptoms of dizziness.

2.Increase your intake of fluids
A well hydrated body is the key to a healthy and active lifestyle. Water acts as the local transporter of nutrient and other vital minerals to various part of the body. Any decrease in the fluid levels and your liver starts suffering. In order to lose belly fat make sure you drink at least 3.5 litres of water every day. Just to make sure what we mean by the right fluid is water and fresh juices. Make sure you don’t count soft drinks, alcohol and other rich sugar content drinks as healthy fluids and try to avoid including them in your diet list.

3.Consume fat burning foods
If you are serious about burning fat of your body then fiber rich food and protein rich food should be your best friends. All three of them are important for your body and accelerates in burning the extra fat of your body. Hence make sure you include them in your diet plans. Fiber rich food like berries and oatmeal helps in managing a healthy stomach but at the same time helps in burning belly fat. Protein rich food such as seafood, lean meats, eggs and others builds your body and burns a lot of fat.

4.Include salad and fruits in your dieting plan
Salads and fruits are very important source of fiber and acts in maintaining a healthy stomach so please include them in your diet plan. We will not suggest you to have breakfast or lunches based out of just salad and fruits but rather include them with your normal diet and you will observe the difference in your health quickly and hopefully it will be better than your expectations. Green salad and fiber rich fruits like berries and bananas are very helpful in achieving your goal of a flat stomach.

5.Avoid junk foods, soft drinks and alcohol
If the above items were ‘yes’ then these are definitely a ‘no’; in fact, a big ‘NO’ to junk foods and soft drinks. Junk foods and soft drinks are rich sources of carbohydrates and lead to piling of fat in your belly. They put a lot of load on your stomach and leads to the chances of decreased hydration levels in your body.

Best exercises to Lose Belly Fat

lose belly fat
So, you are ready for the workouts and lose your belly fat?

Let’s gear up for this exciting journey of discovering best exercise to lose your belly fat and what it takes more to have perfect abs.Before we jump on discussing which are the best exercises you need to make sure you have inputs of these two ingredients in your recipe; first, a well structured diet plan and second, consistency in your workout routine. In case the two of the above ingredients are in place than consider half of the battle been won.
Exercising coupled with right intake of nutrients accelerated the speed of depletion of fat from the body. Just to give you a general understanding intake of carbohydrate in right amount and good amount of protein intake is what you need to structure in your diet plan. Keeping apart the diet part, having consistency in your exercise regime is what will ensure the completion of your task of losing belly fat in time.
Now let’s jump to what should be part of your exercise regime and what should be not. You can divide exercises specifically for belly into two parts: first for the upper abdomen area and second for the lower abdomen area.

Upper Abdomen:
Let’s see what forms the exercise for the upper abdomen to reduce your belly fat. Belly crunches followed with the instruction here is what you may follow: Keep your knees at a position of 90 degrees while your feet it still touching the ground. Now with your hands on your chest, try to bring your chest in contact with your knees by lifting your shoulder blades. During this time make sure your legs are still.

Lower Abdomen:
belly fatBelly crunch which will form to lose belly fat in your lower abdomen area is as follows: Lie on the back with your hands behind on the ground. Bend your knees while keeping the rest of the body still towards your chest. In the process your buttocks will raise and upper half of your body is still. You can stay in the position for a count of five.

Both of the above belly crunch exercises can be done in a set of 25 each and you can repeat the sets 2-3 times while you exercise.
You can also try sit-ups in the set of 20 each which you can do 2-3 times during your exercise regime. You may also bend sideways in set of 20 each to improvise on the fat on your sides.

Before you decide that you are decided with your exercises let us provide you a word of caution. The above crunches will remain least effective in case you do not follow what we have described below. To lose belly fat is all about burning the right calories each day while working on the stored fat in your belly region. Activities for burning calories can include swimming, cycling, dancing, playing tennis, jogging, and any physical movement involving sport or exercise. These activities are important because they provide sufficient amount of oxygen to the body which thus helps in burning calories. These are also very important for maintaining overall health of the body.

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