Secrets To Losing Weight After Pregnancy Fast

lose weight after pregnancy

Weight Loss Intro

weight loss after pregnancy

Some women search high and low to find out the best way to lose baby weight. Weight Loss After Pregnancy and exercise after giving birth to a baby is always a challenge for busy mums that have no time to do exercises after pregnancy. For a woman, giving birth to a beautiful, new baby is one of the most natural and exciting events she can experience. Thus, motherhood and Mother Nature stand hand in hand. You will find that losing weight after pregnancy can be easy and fun. Many women have issues losing weight after pregnancy but if they adhere to this basic biological formula consists of eating a well-balanced whole food diet, increasing stamina, building muscle, breastfeeding, and sleeping when your baby sleeps. The challenge a new mother faces is in finding the time and energy to work toward Mother Nature’s balanced equation. With commitment and creativity you will be able to lose you baby weight fast.


Snacks That Will Help You Lose weight after pregnancy

lose weight after pregnancyYou can achieve weight loss after pregnancy faster and naturally by eating healthy diet after pregnancy. All you need to do is to choose foods close to Mother Nature or that is all natural. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, low-fat dairy and healthy fats (nuts and olives). Consume three (3) meals and three (3) snacks daily. Avoid processed foods because these can be packed with empty calories, saturated fats and high levels of sodium or sugar. Also, be aware of how you prepare the foods you place in your mouth. Baked chicken, turkey breast, or seafood is a much healthier alternative to these same foods fried. Season whole foods with Cayenne Pepper, hot sauce or ginger root, as these spices have been found in clinical trials to increase metabolism. And remember that a little planning goes a long way. As the mother of a new baby, time and energy are resources that may seem scarce. It is easier to lose weight after pregnancy by planning your diet and meals ahead of time before you have your baby. Prepare and freeze some healthy, low-fat entrees for future consumption.


Breastfeed To Help Lose Weight After Pregnancy

breast feed lose weight after pregnancyIt has been proven that breastfeeding will help lose weight after pregnancy. It is a proven fact that in order to help lose pregnancy weight a mom should try to breastfeed to help lose weight. After pregnancy: Studies have shown that breastfeeding can burn between 600 and 800 calories per day naturally. Although the daily caloric intake for a mother who chooses breastfeeding is about 500 calories higher than those who choose bottle feeding, the breastfeeding mother still expends more calories per day. Also, mothers who choose to nurse their children will have a uterus that contracts back to pre-pregnancy size and shape more quickly than that of after pregnancy mothers who choose the bottle. Breastfeeding is good for you and your baby.


Sleeping Well Will Help You Lose Weight After Pregnancy

sleep well lose pregnancy fatSleep, Sweet Sleep: Research has linked a lack of napping to increased obesity levels. Therefore, it is extremely important to sleep when your baby is sleeping. Lack of sleep can also cause forgetfulness, fatigue and irritability.

Once you get into a healthy routine, and once you begin seeing the results of how you can lose weight after birth easily and naturally, the former food cravings you had while pregnant will turn into a craving for exercise and a healthy life … so that you will feel good and and you will notice that you have so much more energy.

Exercise Routine to Help Lose Weight  

exercise lose weight after pregnancyHere are a few weight loss exercise routines if you find that you are not losing weight after pregnancy. Whether you need to lose weight after pregnancy or whether you simply want to get and stay fit and healthy, experts advise us to eat six (6) small nutritious meals each day. Have you ever thought to exercise in the same manner? Six (6) small healthy exercises every day preceding those six small meals? Let’s think about this. There are basic exercise moves that, when put together throughout the day, will work every muscle in your body. The moves will increase your heart rate, build muscle, and give you the extra energy you need to take care of your family – whether you hold a full-time job outside of the home or whether you are a stay-at-home mother these tips will help you lose weight after your pregnancy.

Keeping Fit After Pregnancy is not as hard as you think. Losing weight after pregnancy will require paying attention to diet and exercise. Before breakfast, perhaps while watching the news on TV, JOG/MARCH … begin with a low-impact march for two (2) minutes … then begin lifting your knees higher until you are jogging … do this for six (6) minutes … you may alternate between marching and jogging during this time … then, for the last two (2) minutes, end with the same low-impact march you did in the beginning. Ten minutes of exercise completed. Drink a full glass of water and eat a healthy bowl of whole grain cereal topped with a low-fat fruit yogurt, instead of milk. Exercising before a meal aids circulation and digestion, and will also increase the metabolic rate in which your body uses the energy from the food you eat.

Anytime between breakfast and lunch, do PUSH-UPS … any way you feel comfortable, against a wall, from the knees, modified, on the floor, or regular push-ups from your toes … do three sets of 10, resting and stretching your arms between each set. These should be completed in about five minutes. Follow up with a glass of water and a snack, such as celery sticks topped with cheese or peanut butter.

Preceding lunch, JOG/MARCH again for 10 minutes. Drink a glass of water and eat baked, sliced chicken on top of salad greens with two whole wheat crackers.

Anytime between lunch and dinner, LUNGE … first with the right leg, then with the left, making sure you hold good form … until five minutes have passed. Drink your water and munch a medium-size apple.

Before dinner, while your meal is still cooking, JOG/MARCH again for 10 minutes. Drink some water. Eat a healthy, well-balanced dinner of baked salmon with the marinade of your choice, fresh asparagus, a garden salad with 1-2 tablespoons of dressing, and a baked potato.

Anytime between dinner and bedtime, do SIT-UPS … any way you feel comfortable … do at least 50 sit-ups … in groups of 10. Elongate your body when you are finished so that you can stretch the abdominals before retiring to bed. This should take you about five minutes. Drink another glass of water, have some popcorn for a snack, and relax.


lose pregnancy weight

Keeping fit after pregnancy is that easy. So what did you just do? You carved out 45 minutes of exercise time during your day. Even if you have  found that you were not losing weight after pregnancy if you eat a healthy, well-balanced menu and include small bursts of energy like the ones in this routine and eating nutritious meals can help you lose weight after pregnancy. Getting in the habit of living a healthy lifestyle will keep you fit for years to come.




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