How Does A Low Fat Diet Plan Work?

low fat diet plan


The answer to the question, how does a low fat diet plan work really depends on the low fat diet one chooses. There are some common rules in all of the low fat diet strategies available however. Let’s examine the inner workings of low fat diets in greater detail to find out what they have in common.

A low fat diet plan is precisely what it seems like: a diet that limits one’s fat consumption. Since the consumption of unhealthy fats is linked to increased cholesterol levels and cardiovascular conditions, dieters often seek to lower the amount of bad fats that they consume. There are many foods that are very high in fat that also offer very little in the way of nutrition; they are commonly low in minerals or vitamins. Such foods include things like potato chips, sausage, bacon, and other foods with high fat content. When reducing one’s fat intake, one’s caloric intake is already automatically reduced since fat consists of two times the amount of calories found in proteins or carbs. A single gram of carbohydrates only has four calories while a gram of fat has more than two times the amount of calories.

This diet plan works best if the dieter also engages in exercise. When exercising the dieter will burn off excess calories and when coupled with a low fat  plan one can lose weight with greater success. Bear in mind that some fats are very necessary to maintain one’s health. A person’s diet should consist of twenty to thirty percent fats; this works out to be roughly 44 to 77 fat grams if you are consuming a diet consisting of 2000 calories each day. Obviously, to lose weight, you will want to consume fewer calories and fats.

It is healthiest if trans fats are reduced. You will have to examine the packaging of food to know what fat content food contains, and you will want to keep a record or journal of the foods you consume. Foods you will want to refrain from include things like sodas, snack cakes, junk foods, desserts, and baked products. A low fat plan will work for you if you are very careful about your food selections, if you pay attention to how much food you consume, and if you are willing to exercise too. If you consume low fat foods and you do not exercise, your weight loss will be slower than if you engaged in regular exercise.

Popular Low Fat Meal Plans

low fat diet plan

If you have made the decision to go on a low fat plan, there are a number of low fat diets that are quite popular. Low fat dieting plans include diets like the Grapefruit Diet, the Ornish Diet, the Hip and Thigh Diet, and the Scarsdale diet, among others. Every diet is designed a bit differently, so you will want to review the various plans so you can be better informed about your dieting options.


low fat meal plansThe Grapefruit Diet is one where you will have to like grapefruit! You will have to consume some grapefruit with every single meal that you eat. Of course, the diet is more complex than merely eating grapefruit. This diet adds grapefruit because it has been found to augment the fat burning potential in one’s body. The dieter must also limit snacks, and he or she must eat foods that are high in protein and low in unhealthy fats. This type of diet is not for long term dieting however, and it should not be used for more than a two week period.

Another diet among the popular low fat diets is the Ornish Diet. This diet requires that the dieter reduce the intake of saturated fats and cholesterol. It also requires that the dieter consume no more than ten percent of fat according to his or her daily calorie intake. This diet encourages the dieter to eat many veggies, fruits, and proteins derived from plants.

low fat diet planThe Hip and Thigh Diet is yet another one of the popular diets that a dieter can choose. This diet has a caloric intake maximum of 1200 calories. There are a number of food restrictions on this diet and the dieter will not be able to consume low fat spreads, fat dairy products, butter, lards, oils, seeds, or nuts. Other food restrictions include things like oils, seeds, and nuts since these foods prove high in unsaturated fats.

One of the most well known diets among popular low fat diets is the Scarsdale Diet. This diet was created by Dr. Judith Rodriguez. The dieter limits his or her calorie intake to no more than 1000 calories each day. The dieter can still consume diet colas, no calorie beverages, fruits, veggies, and lean meats on this diet. This diet is performed for fourteen days and dieters have found that they can lose weight quickly. The diet must be followed up by continued healthy eating practices in order to keep weight off.

Low Fat Meal Plans For First Week

low fat meal plansDieters seeking low fat meals plans for the first week of a diet can immediately learn just how diverse these diets are. Dieters can view a meal plan to see how many meals are included, how many calories the diet contains, and what food selections are appropriate. What’s more, a sample meal plan can be used as a guide for creating one’s own meals plans on a low fat diet. It’s a good idea to compare different meal plans to see how they are laid out, designed, and to choose a meal plan layout that appeals to you.

When you are in the process of designing a low fat meals plan, you will have to determine how many calories you have to consume to actually drop weight. You can do this by accessing any number of free calorie calculators that are offered on various Internet websites. These calculators will automatically figure out the right amount of calories for you to consume on a low fat meals plan. You will need to enter in your height, your current weight, and some calculators ask you to also include the amount of exercise you engage in on a weekly basis. You are often provided with the amount of calories you have to eat to maintain your current weight. You can reduce the calorie intake by several hundred calories so you can begin losing weight. For instance, a person that is 5’ 6”, and that weighs 240 pounds will need to consume roughly 2450 calories a day to stay at his or her present body weight. If the dieter drops his or her calorie intake down to 2000 a day, then the dieter can begin to drop excess pounds.

Once one’s caloric intake is established, one’s fat intake can be established. This low fat diet plan is deigned based on the percentage of fat one will consume. It is recommended that the dieter consume 20 to 30 percent of his or her caloric intake. That being the case, if we examine the above example, the dieter would consume fats based on 30 percent of a 2000 calorie a day diet. This means that 600 calories consumed can consist of healthy fats. As you design your weekly menu for your first week of dieting keep in mind the calories and fats you can consume. Understanding how much you can consume makes designing a menu a far easier endeavor.

Refer to a sample low fat meal plans below:


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