Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Extreme Ways Celebs Lose Weight For Movies


Preparing for a movie role, playing a sport, or meeting expectations for a critical public, celebrities often need to lose weight drastically. What’s the celebrity’s weight loss secrets? Here are a few tips or tricks that outline how stars lose weight fast…

If I told you that I could show you how to lose 30 pounds in a week, what would you do? Hopefully, you would be prepared to run quickly away if this were a serious claim. If I told you that I could show you how to lose 30 pounds in 4 months, that would be much healthier and realistic, and you should continue reading. Weight loss can be a challenge, but it can be done easily if you do little things every day that help you lose weight.

The magic secret to how celebrities losing weight is what it has always been. You must live, eat and exercise in ways that do not make your body store fat. This is the number one dieting tips for women to lose weight. You can reach your weight loss goals easy and effectively if you follow these tips.

There really aren’t any celebrity weight loss secrets. Eating the right foods is a popular option that many celebrities choose to help with their weight loss. It includes choosing what foods are acceptable and which ones they need to avoid. And their personal chefs also will help them prepare foods.  The right foods may include grains, fresh and frozen vegetables, fruit, and lean proteins which is prepared in healthy ways. It is necessary to eat five to six mini-meals each day.


Here Are a Few Celebrity Weight Loss Strategies:

celebrity weight loss

Eat Natural and Unprocessed Foods: Kate Winslet replaced processed carbs and meats with fish and potatoes, which are more natural and good for health.
Portion Control: Celebrities point to better portion control as a sure way to lose weight such as: Ashton Kutcher and Liz Hurley, etc…
Avoid white food: The most common white foods are white sugar and white flour. John Cusack avoids white food for his weight loss.
Weight Loss Programs: Jennifer Hudson was a size 16 when she was on American Idol. Weight Watchers helps her fall from a size 16 to a size 6 and keep it off.
No sugar: Britney Spears gave up all  sugar to lose weight.
Cutting out alcohol: to prepare for a movie role, Kate Hudson lost 20 lbs, and her main diet was just cutting out alcohol.

Celebrity Weight loss exercise Routines

Exercise is an important part of effective weight loss strategies of celebrities.
Many researches show that the combining regular exercise with healthy eating is the most efficient and healthful way to control weight. So many celebrities do exercise every day as a way that helps them lose weight. They get at least 45-50 minutes of exercise a day. Some favorite exercise of celebrity such as: Pilates, Marathons, dancing…. Reese Witherspoon runs for an hour a day, Carmen Electra swears by Yoga to make her healthier. Celebrity also works out at the gym to keep their body in shape for the cameras.

Weight loss Personal Trainers
Many celebrities use a personal trainer to lose weight and keep in shape. Harley Pasternak is a well-know celebrity trainer who got her back after having a baby. She was ready for her appearance in “the Perfect Get Away”.

Celebrity Weight loss Pills
Exercise and eating right are the best ways to lose weight. But many celebrities have tried those methods for years and still can’t lose weight- weight that can cause serious health problems and I advise against using weight loss pills. Weight loss supplements is an another option to lose weight. It is the preferred option for Holly Madison’s weight loss method. She started to take a weight loss supplements called NV to shed those extra pounds.

How Many Celebrities are Losing Weight
Many celebrity have diets that work fast  and others believe that the combination of diet and exercise will help them lose weight. If you want to lose weight fast you can follow some of these celebrity weight loss strategies. In my opinion, the best way to slim down is the combination of diet and exercise that helps you not only keep in shape but also keep fit. Remember: being healthy is Important!

Here are some notable Shocking Celebrity Transformations:

celebrity weight loss1) Christian Bale’s Weight Loss for The Machinist
At first glance, you would be surprised at why someone living in the western world could be so lean. Could the person be suffering from a sickness associated with anorexia or could he be a victim of abuse or a pious man fasting hard? More questions start filling up the mind leading to scary conclusions but when the real truth sets in, one can’t help to wonder why and how someone could do such a thing to his body. Christian Bale’s weight loss took everyone by surprise and sparked great debates in several platforms around the world. He did all this to play the title role in The Machinist, a 2004 psychological thriller movie that registered over 8 million dollars at the Home Box Office commonly known as HBO.

But loosing 63 pounds just to act in a movie is insane by almost all standards. Even if it was for the sake of ambition, justifying this life-threatening move is almost impossible. Others could easily view it as suicidal depending on his health condition at the time, but despite all these, he did it and he succeeded in his mission. Even today, Christian Bale weight loss is still talked about, over a decade after it happened. Perhaps the extremes that he reached were historic especially considering the fact that he literally starved himself on his own volition to achieve this feat.

celebrity weight loss2)John Goodman Weight Loss
He ultimate goal was to become healthier as he was out of shape and it was bringing him in some health problems. Now people are amazed by the huge change in John Goodman weight loss and are asking him how he has done it so that they can follow suit. He said that he changed his diet completely and the amount of calories he was taking in. Instead of frying foods he decided to either bake, roast or boil. He then cut out all of the fat. He regularly had fruit and nut granola, pear and cherry compote, scrambled egg muffins, lot of chicken and salmon along with other healthy foods.

He also started drinking green tea before any meals and eating the foods in large amounts that were low in calories to help suppress his appetite. He ate apples and lots of green vegetables to fill up. John Goodman weight loss was because he wanted to be healthier and live a better lifestyle. He also cut out sugar from his diet.He was also close to 400 pounds which is very overweight. He was tired of being out of breath and feeling unfit and just wanted to change his life around by losing weight.

He had to constantly work out along with his diet plan to get healthier and lose the weight. John Goodman weight loss was not an overnight success and it took him a while to do, however he is a beacon of hope to other overweight people to show that no matter how large they are, they can lose weight and become fitter.

He is now feeling so much better and he looks amazing. He said that he feels like a different person. John Goodman weight loss really has had an impact on his life as now he can do things that he never did before. John has mentioned that it is going to be an ongoing process for the rest of his life and that he will never go back to how he was.

 celebrity weight loss3) Mariah Carey Weight Loss
Although Mariah Carey had a secret gastric sleeve surgery recently the now 48 year has slimmed down and lost more than 30 pounds. This procedure involved a surgery which removed a part of the stars stomach so that she will feel fuller quicker when eating. The star has reportedly to ETv that she now eats healthy and her diet includes salmon with capers and plain chicken broth. She also indicated that she does not exercise and also still enjoys an occasional glass of wine.



celebrity weight loss4) Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss
This celebrity insists that she is not on a diet food and ensures that she eats healthy each day. According to shape magazine her favorite foods for breakfast is raisin bran with low fat milk, or two egg whites with low-fat cheese. For a morning snack she eats dill pickles or sliced cucumbers. For lunch grilled chicken salad with low fat dressing or chopped salad with low fat mozzarella and chick peas. For an afternoon snack it is either jell o or babybel light cheese. For dinner it is a turkey burger and steamed vegetables or turkey burger with low-fat cheese and a salad with low fat dressing. Lastly for her evening snack she eats an apple or small spinach with low fat dressing.


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