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Our body image is informed by so many different sources. So often we become caught in belief systems about our body without understanding where the hell those beliefs came from!! We think the best way to start to unravel these beliefs is to start with a better understanding of how they came to be in the first place. We’ve put some questions together below to guide your reflection  
How do you define body image? Positive body image? Negative body image?
How do you describe your attitude toward your body?
Tell me the story of how you feel about your body.
How has your understanding of your own body image changed over time?
What information have you learned from others about your body (such as from family, peers, romantic partners, society, etc)
How do your relationships affect your body image?
What kinds of messages do you think society promotes about the female body (TV, movies, magazines, social media, etc
How do you understand your body in relation to these messages?
Is there one experience that stands out for you related to how you feel or what you think about your body?
How does your body provide for you?
How do you care for your body?
Could you use a metaphor to describe how you feel about your body?
What advice would you give to others who are struggling with body acceptance?
Comment below if you’re willing to share your answers with us!!! Happy reflections babes!

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