Not Losing Weight? Here are some Weight Loss Motivation Tips Just For You!


weight loss motivation


One of the biggest mistakes people make when they try to lose weight fat is severely restricting their food intake. This starvation method never works in the long term! Because when you sharply reduce your food intake, your body respond accordingly and reduce the rate at which it burns fat – this is a result of genetic programming that has been developed over 10,000 years of human evolution.

“One of the body’s survival mechanisms is to lower its metabolic rate when it is starved!”

Worst still you will lose muscle tissue. You will feel tired, weak and irritable and your immune system will suffer, too. In addition you will develop nutrient deficiencies that will result in thousands of your body’s natural metabolic processes to misfire and within days your body will sound alarm bells and the next thing you know you will be bingeing on carbs.

“To get the best results you need to work with your body and not against it”

To build a lean, healthy body, you have to eat well and turn your body into an efficient fat burning machine but it’s not about cutting down, you have to eat the right foods and have a balanced exercise program of aerobic and anaerobic activities.

Below is a quick menu of Fat Burning Foods:

weight loss motivationEggs Breakfast with Scrambled – a protein source which tells your body when you are full – Journal of the American College of Nutrition
Lunch with Tuna – tuna’s fatty acids raise your leptin to fill you up faster – University of Wisconsin
Pot of Yogurt – contains protein and calcium. Eat yogurt 3 times a day to lose an extra 22% weight over three months – University of Tennessee
Tomato Juice – add a chilli to tomato juice, evidence suggests there is positive correlation between ingesting capsaicin and a decrease in weight regain – UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition.
Jacket Potato – a baked potato gives you 6g of fibre. Raise your intake 10g a day to reduce your body’s fat storage – Journal of Obesity
Cinnamon – Cinnamon reduces insulin so less sugar is stored as fat – American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Prawns – Prawns hold the biggest cache of zinc, a vital testosterone production, muscle gain and fat loss – Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Important weight loss tip: “Eat More Good Food and Crave Less for Bad Food”

Small  weight loss Changes – Big Results

Motivation for Weight Loss is a very simple thing to achieve. Simple but not always easy. With all the new diets, workouts and products coming out on what seems like a daily basis it can result is a massive information overload and really overwhelm someone looking to start their weight loss journey. Look at the steps below for weight loss inspiration.

1. Understand your level – are you currently: at a fairly consistent weight, gaining weight, or does your weight fluctuate?

2. Make some small changes – as follows:

In order to determine you weight loss plan it is important to determine if your weight is consistent – your current weight is fairly stable. That means your day to day life – the food you eat, the exercise you do (or don’t do), the calories you burn through standard daily activities (walking , climbing stairs, staying alive etc.) leaves you at this consistent level of weight. This being the case, you only need to make a few small changes to your daily routine to lead to big results. An example: you eat 3 meals a day and snack between lunch and dinner, you exercise once a week by way of a 20 minute run, you drive to work and sit at a desk for most of the day. This has left you at the weight you are now. You might see where I’m going with this one but if not stick with me here. To achieve weight loss from this situation you could: cut down the snacking – swap with fruit , or exercise twice a week rather than once, you could cycle to work once a week and take the stairs rather than the lift. The point I’m making here is, if your currently lifestyle has left you at a consistent weight then you don’t need a complete routine overhaul – you just need some small changes to achieve good results. And when the weight loss slows, you can make another small change. Weight loss doesn’t have to mean a perfect diet and loads of exercise. So, decide on two or three small changes you are going to make and begin the weight loss journey!

If you are gaining weight and need encouragement for weight loss– You guys have an addition step to the consistent weight guys above. You first need to become one of them. That means the small changes you make are aimed at stopping your weight gain and getting you to a consistent level. Once you have achieved this you will know that your current lifestyle (with the small changes you made) has led you to this consistent level of weight. Then, as above, you will incorporate two or three more small changes and start seeing some results!

If your weight fluctuates and need consistent ideas for weight loss – this is usually (not always but usually) due to an inconsistent lifestyle. This could mean that some weeks you eat well and exercise and others your drink too much and eat away the hangover with a pizza and 2 litres of coke (though the coke isn’t the worst choice as it can ease the hangover by replacing some nutrients you may be lacking following your numerous alcoholic beverages), sorry I digress. Back on topic – the point is, generally weight fluctuates because lifestyle fluctuates. Your first step will be getting your lifestyle a little more consistent. This doesn’t mean cutting out the drinking or the pizza, it just means cutting down. That way your week to week lifestyle is more consistent (in terms of calories consumed, exercise done etc.) and you should get the weight fluctuation under control. The next step, as you are now at a more consistent weight, is to make some small changes (as noted above). Add in those two or three positive changes and watch the weight fall off!


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